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Finished up my BF-109G-6. I didn't keep up with the WIP, so If I'm disqualified that's cool. Ended up adding the Eduard Brassing Landing gear as mine was missing a piece, plus they looked super weak. The brassin ones basically dropped right in and looked awesome. They included the gear doors too. Pilot is from Hasegawa kit. Kit goes together well, mine main compleint is the directions. As I pointed out there are two main issues with them. One, is that it is hard to distinguish between versions "early" and "late" and what part(s) go with what. Also there is no tree labels in the instructions, they give you a part # but no corresponding tree location. Funny thing is if you look at the trees they have a letter on them.

This is my first go attempt at German mottling. A lot harder than I thought.




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My 1/72 scale ICM I-16 type 18 completed.

Pretty much OOB, used a Northstar Models PAK-1 resin/etch gun sight and Begemot decals, added hypodermic gun barrels and pitot tube.

Akan paint, oil dot finish.

A really big Thank you to those who followed along.


Jim S



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