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Got a box of paint today from scale hobbyist so I should be able to get started next week. Going out of town for the weekend. I also picked up another set of pe for it to go with the small set the kit comes with. I briefly toyed with getting the Brassin engine but I don't want to have to build a base for it to sit on with the cowls off so I saved my money.

Kit is the eduard MkVIII profipack.

See if this auto guy can remember how to build an aeroplane!

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OK I am in on this.

Going to go with a Tamiya Vb with some watermark decals for John Kent's spit while flying in the Polish Wing. Now I just have to decide on what details to go with. I am leaning towards the ultracast flight surfaces, seat and exhausts. Or go in the direction of the eduard photo etch with the ultracast surfaces and exhaust. Decisions, decisions decisions.

Also have to order up a few more paint colors.


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Hi All! I wanna play!!!

I'm in with a Hasagawa 1/48 MK.VII. Starting off with the MK.IXe boxing and using a Brengun Conversion kit. And gonna try a Master Metal Cannon set as well..... Found a set of Aeromaster Decals on Ebay.... Just waiting on them to arrive.

Gonna be fun!




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Yes, it's insanely late in the GB and the 2 Tamiya Spitfires aren't finished yet. But now that I'm on a roll (still the rest of this week off) here's a Spitfire that I have collected a lot of upgrades for.

An Airfix Spitfire Mk 24 with Barracudacast carburetor intake and 5-blade prop, Master cannons, Quickboost cowling and exhausts and Mark I decals.

I'll build VN492 of the Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force in 1953.28949690711_7595397b7a_z.jpgSpitfire F24 by StefanBuysse, on Flickr

Cheers, Stefan.

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