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1/48 N.A. FJ-3 Fury

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Oh man! Beautiful kitbash! Please finish this up in first class fashion and offer it up as a sacrifice to the modeling gods, so to rest of us that don't have your conversion skills end up with a new kit of it. ;) Seriously though, outstanding work and very inspiring.

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Hi ! Thanks for your kind comments.

In the meantime I started the GP FJ-4 and am quite surprised to discover the fit and ease of build to be better with this Fury/Fury kitbash than with the plain GP kit !

Ok now, on to the canopy.

Kit canopy is wrong and sits too high.

A comparison with the D&S drawings shows that the top curve is correct, so I decided to correct it.

All black underlined plastic must go:


Side by side before-and-after comparison:


Of course I managed to break it on the very last cut.

Plaster and hot clear styrene, what else ?


Well, in the end it should look like this...


Still some triming and touching up to do, but this one seems nearly done.

Cheers !

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15 hours ago, AD-4N said:

I gotta tell you, I suspect the upcoming Kitty Hawk FJ-3 won't be as well done as your model.  Fantastic job.  


Hi ! Thanks for your kind comment.

Well, would you believe that I forgot about this build till today ?

IIRC the seat misses some paint and straps, and landing gear doors need to be cemented.

Thanks for the reminder, should try to finish it soon now.


Of course I have excuses, as in the meantime I got involved in some other conversion works

Monogram-Koster Privateer


Tamiya-AMT Skyraider AEW-1


While currently (read lazily) working on a Tamiya-Matchbox AD-5



Cheers !


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