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T-38A low vis markings need help

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Hello guys. I was planning to do a T-38A low vis. I'm pretty sure I can source the decals for it. I'm particularly interested in this (see pic)


But it's very hard looking for sources in the net. I need help with the top view, the bottom and the other side. There's plenty of Material for the other schemes which they had the big "USAF" marking at the port but since is a low vis, I'm not so sure if that's case. Any help would be very much appreciated

Disclaimer notice: Pic doesn't belong to me. No copyright violations intended. Kindly remove pic if necessary

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These companion trainers would make a great decal subject; the only ones that have been done to my knowledge are Whiteman, Beale, and Holloman. Lots of other possibilities out there!


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Thanks for all the help gents. Those are some great references.

No pics of the top and bottom, but I did find some more T-38 pics in that same scheme:

Another SJ T-38, with some info

Mountain Home T-38

Dyess T-38

Since these were all assigned to tanker and bomber units, I suspect that they had the same markings as their big brothers on the wings too.

I think I'm gonna switch to doing that Dyess T-38 instead. Thanks for the help. Pretty hard to find pics of these trainers in this scheme on the net. For the top and bottom I'm just gonna imitate the other T-38s where theres a roundel on the The left side and a small "usaf" marking on the right. If some lad comes up with some real pics showing otherwise, I'll just redecal it.

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