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Cockpit parts and visible interior surfaces are preshaded and ready for RAF cockpit green.


Some tiny little PE parts to fold and paint. The color stuff (instruments and seat belts) looks pretty nice as is.


I only use Tamiya so I'm stuck mixing a custom color. XF-71 needs some lightening and some blue to my eyes.

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Smallish update again. Just getting all of the cockpit subassemblies ready for a quick dirty wash, then to put it all together:


So I don't know how many of you all suffer from losses to the carpet monster but I have a great solution to lost parts.

While dry fitting the spade grip trigger, an insanely small PE part, the tweezers lost grip and SPROING ! Part was....somewhere.

Fortunately I work on a Korean/Japanese bamboo mat. They're cheap (maybe $30 - $50 USD) and last a loooong time.

Best of all, you don't lose anything in them! No fibers to get lost in, just horizontal bamboo slices held together to form a solid but flexible surface.


Got on my hands and knees and spent all of 10 seconds to find a 1.5mm long PE part.


Installed the part and good to go. Penny for scale. Kit comes with two complete kits - you can see the second trigger right between the penny and the completed spade grip.

Hope I haven't jinxed myself.

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@Bigasshammm - I'm not sure how Eduard printed the color on the PE but it's really durable. Didn;t have any issues at all.

While I'm really liking the Eduard kit there are a couple places that are verging on over-engineered.

Here is one side of the wheel wells, showing 8 different parts....


Nevertheless parts are exceedingly well machined and fit together like a glove


A quick dry fit of the wing root join makes me shake my head at the precision.


An excellent kit. Like it a lot.

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Very nice. As I opined about 'hammm's build and all the PE, it looks very realistic but I'd be sitting in the corner, drooling and mumbling to myself while my eyes orbited the insides of their sockets with all the PE. You've done a great job with it.

Looking to see what else you do with this little gem.


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Getting close to painting. While I'm very hapy with the kit in general, there are a couple of things that leave me scratching my head:


Why make the upper and lower (not shown) cowl into two parts and running the risk of a seam line? With so much smart engineering and planning it seems strange for Eduard to add extra work for little or no model building fun.

The tail is another story. Very cool parts layout, elegant solution to the control surfaces back there:


Same things goes for the wing root join. I've done more than a dozen Spits mostly in 1/48 and this one is hands-down the best in terms of wing root fitting without any work on my part. Well done, Eduard !


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