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Those cowls made me violent yesterday. I'm sure I'll have a relapse when I primer and still see seams. Someone needs to do resin replacements.

Ultracast does two of them, a flat and a bulged one-piece upper cowl:



Also exhausts that can be installed after painting:



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Barracuda Studios also do the same.

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Underside radiators installed


Nice detailing on the radiators but once again edging towards over-engineered. One radiator is made up of 7 parts (!). I left out the inside actuator arms since they are A very small and B completely invisible:


Ready for painting:


But first....Siths and Jedis, Conservatives and Liberals, Cats and Dogs....To preshade or not is a question that divides us into two distinct tribes.

I am a preshader.


Bottom is underside RAF grey and ready for masking to hit the top:


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Uhu-Tac worms to get the topside camo painted:




Didn't really need to do the camo in its entirety since the D-Day stripes would cover a fair amount but rather than try and figure out EXACTLY where the green and grey would show through, just blasted through it.

Got the masking for the white stripes on:


And threw on some (scale) white:


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Sludge wash of burnt umber:



Wiped off and went over everything with a super thin post shading of Tamiya smoke + red + brown + black:



Just need to finish up some subassemblies (namely the beer kegs) and I'll be ready to flat coat and move on to the NEXT Spit ! For that one I think I will do my first what-if / radical / creative paint scheme. Never done anything but realistic Spits. One of my favorite models that I've made was a P-38 for my son to play with:


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Finished !




For the most part a big thumbs up to the kit. Awesome surface detail, excellent decals, and this being my first Royal Class Eduard kit, just love all of the extras (PE, canopy masks, beer glass, etc). When I get around to doing the other Mk IX from the kit I probably will get the aftermarket cowling. Might be the only downside of the kit from my perspective.

More pics in the completed thread.

On to the 1/32 Revell What-If-Style

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Thanks! I'm hoping the next kit goes a little faster. Want to leave plenty of time for the Tamiya 1/32 that I've been hoarding since it came out.

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