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Well, Finn said the color name on the can when he painted them was "Sunset Orange." Sounds like the journey I went on before determining there was one main color for the General Lee....

Just wasn't sure if it was the same shade for both types. With my luck I'd assume "yes", paint them that way, and then a year after completion discover they changed the color slightly when they went to white forward assemblies on the later models....

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Well here's a photo of a AIM-4 I have in my basement.


You can see the difference between the red stenciling on the white fuze strips (presumably insignia red) versus the color on the missile body.


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Friendly neighborhood Arms Dealer! :rolleyes:/>/>

I saw on one of those Storage Wars type shows where they were getting something appraised at a store and in the background was a blue full scale AGM-12C Bullpup so it shouldn't be hard to find a 'toy' if you look hard enough.

edit:here is the nose of one on ebay:



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Well, here's the result, from the 1/72 Meng F-102 kit; used MM Chevy Engine Red for the bodies, and I'm very pleased with the result.

Everything except the red-orange body color, white forward body color and black seeker heads was done with scavenged decals. Yellow and brown bands from the Hasegawa weapons set for AIM-7's. Even the white fin edges were from parts of white AF tail letters cut to 5.5 mm strips. White placards were more pieces of AF tail lettering cut, then generic stenciling from an F-4 sheet cut to size and laid over the white background. Took more hours than I want to admit, but I love the result.


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