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This is the 1:72 MiG-21PF/FL kit from Fujimi.

I will be building it as an Indian aircraft from the 1971 India Pakistan war in a hastily applied brown camo scheme over the original natural metal finish.

Will be using the DP Casper India Pakistan War sheet. Will be option 4 on the sheet.

Decal Sheet

Progress of the build can be found below.

Build Progress Photos

At this stage, painting the cockpit and assembled the wings.

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Looking good so far. Just a suggestion, but I would recommend taking your photos against a plain background instead of a cluttered work bench. They are easier to see and viewers don't get distracted by the background.


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A very nice build - and an extremely rare topic too, Ryan. It's of 'special interest' for me because it's going to result in a replica of a MiG that saw plenty of combat.

In that sense, and re. 'option 4' markings: I think the decals in question are based on a photo showing three MiG-21FLs from one of squadrons deployed with the IAF's Eastern Command, immediately after the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. The MiGs in question were involved in combat over former East Pakistan, ever since Bangla Desh.

On the photo in question (can't find it online), there are serials C1111, C731, and C746 to be seen.

C746 is in the foreground and wearing camo of dark brown and dark green on top surfaces and sides, crudelly (with brush) applied over its original 'silver-grey'.

C731 had the same silver-grey overall, but with a camo pattern of dark brown on top of it (roughly like on instructions for that decal sheet). It was heavily weathered too (especially around the cockpit).

But, 'really interesting' was the C1111, in the background. This was still wearing its 'silver-grey overall' without any camo colours, but really heavily weathered. Notable is that this aircraft had something like 20 mission markings + 3 kill markings applied on the left side of its intake - the latter for 3 PAF F-86s destroyed on the ground (during air strikes on Tejgaon AB, outside Dacca).

Is that decal-sheet including any such markings, Ryan?

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Ah, found it (on your flickr page).

BTW: note that this camo was applied around national markings and the serial number. So, before applying decals with serials on the fin, for example, you might need a 'silver field' as background there.

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Very nice Ryan.

Are you going to add some weathering? Especially the area around the cokpit was really 'dirty' - and you're going to have an excellent result!

No I usually don't do weathering as I think 'why get a good painted surface and then rub stuff into it and make it look like it hasn't been painted properly".

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