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All kits are opened but not started. Prices do not include shipping. Preferred payment via paypal, money order, or check (I will ship once it clears).

**Updated list**


F-4J w/ Furball Airwing All Stars #1 $60

UH-60P (includes resin parts) $25


ES-3A w/ wolfpack S-3B upgrade, Aeromaster 48=550 Lo Vis Vikings $55


Bf-109E-4 Weekend $22

Fw-190A-8/R8 profipack $30


F-14D w/ F-14B blackbox pit $45

F-18A++ w/ eduard zoom, Orion tail stiffeners, Fightertown VX-30 Bloodhounds $60

F-18D Vikings w/ MAW resin Dual chaff and updated center pylon, Flying Leatherneck 48004 Green Knights $60

Me-109G2 w/ eduard zoom, ultracast resin wheels $25

Fw-190A-9 $25

Hs-129 $25

Typhoon Early car door $25

P-40N $25


Tornado IDS $40


SH-60B with Authentic Decals and eduard interior set $45

AH-1W $22

Kitty Hawk

F-35C $40

UH-1Y $40


P-47D bubble top $30

He-219 $35

Spitfire Mk.V trop $22

Lancaster (normal bomber, original boxing) $65


Mig-23MF w/ aires pit and montex decals/masks for Polish AF $50

Please contact me directly as I don't always have access to this site.



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Sorry, not getting emails from you. Only the response to the post. You're #2 in line for the F-14D.



Thanks Mike. Sent email from Z5, but guess it didn't work.


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Might have a Tamiya F-16C Block 25/32 kit with extras to offer as trade fodder towards a few items. Will pm you later tonight.

That's what I'm looking for! Send me a list of what you've got and what you're interested in, and we'll work something out!



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