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Hi Guys,

This was my latest build, an Israeli UH-1D. I decided after doing a Trumpeter kit in this scale that I'd go "retro" and build one the old fashioned way with lots of modifications and accurizing. The old Revell kits were perfect for this, they were (and still are), relatively inexpensive and in some instances the only kits available of a particular aircraft in this large scale. I wanted the pilots, crew-chief, aerial gunner and some infantry to fill the interior space. That involved falling back on some painting skills (little used but not entirely forgotten), and cobbling together my figures from a selection of hundreds of saved body parts. The rescue crane on the fuselage roof was also a scratch build from epoxy putty and plastic strip. Here is the result of 2 months of staring at reference photos....










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You should put this in the helicopters forum, they'd get a kick outta it.

I did post on the Helicopter thread! Feb. 24th post. Actually has alot of the buildup and details I didn't include here. If you liked it check it out.

Here's the address to my blog page of this Helo build: http://edokunscalemodelingpage.blogspot.com/2015/09/israeli-air-force-bell-205-132-revell.html

I liked the UH-1D because of the cross-over techniques from building armor subjects. I wanted to include the IDF recon infantry team and just being able to dirty it up so it would look like the interior of an armored troop carrier. My next helo will probably be the BIG Heller "SA321 Super Frelon" in 1/35th scale that I've had sitting in the stash for 20 years...That will get the works, probably a 6 month build.

Ed Okun

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