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Looking for info on Hasegawa F-14s

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I am about to get into building Hasegawa 1/48 F-14s and wanted some input on the different boxings. Has Hasegawas kit changed much from the different boxings? (aside from decals) Are there any I should avoid? I know sometimes older versions of models might have raised panel lines, not have as many options for the variants etc. Just wanted to know if the older boxings are comparable to the new releases. Thanks for any help!

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GREAT information. I'm in the *VERY* early stages of working on the VX-9 F-14D Black Bunny boxing (which I'm going to turn into a Bravo model). Also a heads up to you, firefighterpilot1, I'm not sure if you are aware or not, but there's a few workarounds and shortcuts and such you can do with this kit to improve the fitting. If you build it according to the instructions straight out of the box, it'll drive you up a wall. I'm still researching all of them (and I know the link to Mr. Aungst's build above covers some), but the ones I'm aware of are attach the beavertail halves to their corresponding fuselage halves instead of doing it the way the instructions say, and install the front fuselage assembly to the top half of the rear fuselage before you assemble the rear fuselage halves. <br><br>Anyway, please keep me posted on your progress and what you've got going on with your Hasegawa Tomcats, because I know I'll be able to use all the help I can get. And if you have any questions for me about the kit, I'll try my best to answer them for you.

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