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Israeli A-4N Skyhawk in 1/32 scale

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Hi Guys,

At the suggestion of some other visitors to the forums, I have changed the location of this model from the "Jet modeling" thread to the "Display case". I finished this one last year and had a great time building it. There are some small problems with the kit which I should mention here. The forward landing gear wheel is molded for some reason to the fork. I used an old Hasegawa A-4 wheel and the fork from that kit. Next problem is that a small intake on the left side of the nose, above the electronics acess door is deleted from this molding, even though it appears on their earlier A-4E and F kits....Strange, as it is a feature of the M version as well so there would be no reason to forget this. I cut and formed a new intake in mine. Finally, and the thing that I can't understand at all, there is no canopy hinge to be able to display the cockpit open ?? As is, you are instructed to glue the canopy closed. Well, that didn't stop me from opening mine and I cobbled a hinge together so this baby could show off her pit..The Israeli modifications to an "N" version are from "Wolfpack". Very nice. The decals are from "Isradecal" Mine is marked as a bird from #115 "Dragon" squadron Israeli Air Force as it would have appeared in the 1982 Lebanon war. The model breaks nicely at the mid-body line as on the actual plane so it was hard for me to ignore the engine exhaust pipe. For those that may inquire, the insulation came from a cigarette pack..









Here it is with my other 32nd scale Skyhawk models


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