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Fujimi Alouette III -build 1

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Hello All,

I am joining with the old Fujimi Alouette III it's more 1/50 then 1/48 .....will give it ago ....


Box Art


Contents .....

This most likely will be a Malaysian bird with floats if I am in the mood to scratch build it. If not it will be with its gear.

Thanks n happy Modelling

Brian a.k.a Mr B

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Cheers guys

Aidy - What do you got planned. Pls join. Anything ok as long not another Mig 29.....heheheheh

Hope to get started soon. Come to think of it, I did not notice that it is the first chopper for this g/b.

Best Regards and Happy Modelling


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Cheers Martin....but most likely it will be on its gear.....for now....

I made a start........done some work on the rear bulkhead sanded off the molded seats and put plastic card ....same with the bench seat......

Also did some generic details on the side walls of the side doors.....




A little bit of fine sanding and then a lick of paint. Started on the front seats.....I am going to modify and use some resin ones which I did not use in my Pilatus pc-7

Then the roof work.....

Happy Modelling Folks


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got some work done I decide to use the kit seats....but modified them a bit.


just after a wash......to take away the dust and dirt....


lick of paint......


the top panel.....in process

next will be to button up the roof and finish the instrument panel....

happy modelling folks


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Thanks a lot for the nice comments guys....much obliged

Got some work done....The current state of affairs


I changed the stick and pedal layout....due to this picture


The control activity looks centered around the middle seat


Drilled out the panels....now to find a fine enough file to smooth it all off


Overhead panel all done and dry brushed


Test fitting makes it look busy as what I wanted to achieve just need to trim the wires

Next will be the panel and maybe can close it up by weekends

Happy Modelling



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Thanks a lot for the motivation guys

But disaster struck ! Big time.....unable to selvage it and lost motivation.....thus with a heavy heart I am withdrawing from this build form the group build.

The last bit after the clamps cracked the joints while putting the roof on


If I can find another chopper which I like to build now...I'll restart....



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Sorry folks

I tried....but it's a lost cause....it's gone to helicopter heaven....via the trash can.....the roof, top windows and side just did not mate up well.....

First kit binned after many many years.

Am out...no more selvage as it is ripped to pieces


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