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Finally got a start on this today. Won the kit in my club's raffle last year sometime. Eduard Profipack. I did pick up another Eduard detail pe set but that's about it. Will use kit decals and don't plan on adding much else.


Extra detail pe


Kit supplied pe


And the version I'll be doing.


I spent an hour or so with some tiny pe parts attaching to the cockpit sidewalls. Got a lot of pe work to do in cockpit before I can lay some paint.



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may I ask what other marking/decal options are in the kit?

kinda like the looks of the Dark Green/Dark earth one on the box artwork. :)/>

There's like 5 different markings. I'll shoot pics next time I'm downstairs.

Nice pickup Q.

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Cockpit parts went off to the paint shop this morning. Here they are prior.





Lots of pe. Didn't really have too much trouble with it. Maybe a lil swearing last night. May be a few days till I get more done. Unless I can do some more later tonight busy all weekend.

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I'm really quite peeved at the state of the wheels in the kit. The tires look like the rubber doughnuts you get when you hurt your bum. Of course they sell Braasin replacements but damn couldn't they have just included decent tires in the kit?

Guess I'll look for cheap wheels n tires.

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Think I'm done with the seat. I had painted the entire thing the russet color but then found a nice pic online of a seat that had just an inner russet pan with like a green fabric covering the top edges. So I replicated that. Not sure you can see the different shade green painted along the tops of the sides. Heck who's going to see any of this when its closed up anyway?





I did the russet with first paintin leather brown then going over it with rust dry brushed on from a tamiya weathering master set. Think it looks ok. Dry rushed the green with aluminum.

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Ip getting there. Apparently the compass is off center but to the naked eye you can't tell. Still need to touch up some paint and dry brush everything. I may give it a shot of dull core to tone down the pe.


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Bout to attempt to close this pig up.




Minor adjustments once it's all together. Plus finally secure the area behind the seat. The little bar between the bulkheads is too short. Apparently I drilled it too deep. Will have to cut a piece of wire or something.

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