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K-36M & K-36DM ejection seats

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Hi guys,

Can anyone help me determining what differences there are between the K-36M and K-36DM seats? I read about the -M, -DM, early and late seats for the MiG-29 and Su-27/30/33/35 families.

Thanks in advance!!



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The D in the name of the K-36DM seat refers to the “Deflector” it’s the semi circular black thing just in front of the ejection ring. It is fired up on two cylinders to be almost in front of the pilot and so deflect the high speed blast wind from the pilot forming a kind of safety bubble around him. It is missing on the K-36L (just like from the very early M versions) which is used on the Su-25 since it is not supersonic and there is simply no need for the deflector or the arms restrains.

The early DM seats had a bigger headrest which houses the parachute pack, they have a bigger reinforcement “bulge” on the sides but the view from them is not so good. To improve on this the smaller headrest was introduced on DM Seria 2 seats, which was made possible also by new developments in the size and packing of the main parachute.

The big headrest DM version was used on early Su-27 and MiG-29 aircraft (many 9-13’s had it) and is still in use with the Su-24.

There were other versions of the headrest on early M and MD versions too, one example is the seat used in the Yak-38, so if one is building the Trump kit you will need to find the specific Yak-38 K-36 seat!

You will find two versions of the DM Seria 2 seats in basically every fighter: one with integral harness and one with the IPS72 pilot harness. They look very different from the outside and kit manufacturers or even aftermarket producers don’t really care about the differences! On the first one you will see the full harness on the seat even on static aircraft, while for the second one there is only a (usually) yellow attachment line visible on the seats back panel. Here the pilot has the harness on him when getting into the aircraft and just clicks to the seat attachment line.

Both versions are in use and you can find even MiG-31’s today which have them.

The new Su-30 and Su-35 fighters have a very different K-36 3.5 seat. The headrest is even smaller just as the two stabilizing firing on the side of the headrest. The new generation of K-36's like the 3.5 version are completely different seats from the DM versions!!!!!

What you get in the G.W.H kit is a standard K-36DM seria 2 seat. Which is absolutely right for the version.

Best regards


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