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FS595 Color chips/fan deck

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I am looking around to find a place online where I can get a FS959 fan deck.

I went to http://www.fed-std-595.com but they want $158 for a fan deck!!

Does anyone know of a place online where I can get a FS595 fan deck cheaper?





I have many sites bookmarked that have FS color samples, but the colors never look right for matching. This is why i am looking for the FS595 fan deck, so I can have an accurate color sample on my workbench.

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I had a link to a site that let us get the era we needed as reprints of the original color spec booklets.

It started at 595, with updates, then 595a, with updates, etc. (order enough of the updates, and you could see the "color jump" of 1984)

Since the booklets had the same paint chips as the "3 x 5" cards, cut down to size to fit the pages, you could compare them to the ink printed fan decks and see the "color offness" of the fan deck.

I don't have the link on this laptop,,,,,,,and I can't remember the site name to search for them with.

maybe someone else will know it and provide a link for you (all I am sure of is that it wasn't the Mil Spec people or the one you posted)

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Yessir, I bought a Fan Deck several years ago. To be honest, I don't remember where I got I got it. I can tell you this, it looks quite official, like something from the government. It is a very nice fan deck and the colors are right on. It is marked FS595B and was printed in 1989. I don't remember the

exact cost, but it was nowhere near $158! It comes in handy from time to time, but not $158 handy! Good Luck!!!

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