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1_72model / boekenwormgek (ebay seller)

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I have had it with this guy. Operates out of the Flandern region in Belgium. Purchased two True Details resin sets from him back in august 2014.

They arrived in a PLAIN ENVELOPE. First envelope i received contained a 1:48 scale cockpit set together with the ordered 1:72 scale cockpit set.

Only problem, i never ordered the 1:48 item. Contacted Marc Peerdens about it, and he sent me the correct set in a.....wait for it......PLAIN ENVELOPE.

My point is, this guy ships out resin in unprotected plain envelopes to save a few dimes? Needless to say the resin cockpit sets all arrived in bits sad.gif

I wrote the guy a lengthy letter informing him about the insufficient packaging, damages found and inquired about a possible refund which i never got.

So far, two strikes. Very recently it has come to my attention that a good friend of mine in USA has also been shopping with this guy. I found out he

had received the resin in a PLAIN ENVELOPE with the contents smashed. I suspect this guy is getting a kick out of this and does this on purpose.

I left the guy negative feedback. Seems there are other unhappy customers experiencing the same level of neglect so i am by no means solitaire.

Whatever this guys intentions are, i feel i should hang him up to dry here on the bad trader forum. You had it coming ! Be warned good folks wacko.gif

Looks like he has several more resin sets just waiting to get smashed in transit..



If he has other ebay accounts, i am not aware of them..

Best of luck with your purchases gents cool.gif

Bjørn in Norway

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Since it's all done on ebay you can file a claim/dispute officially. Almost guarantee ebay will side with the you as the buyer and refund your money. (way too late though for that 2014 issue)

Yeah sure, as long as you hit the right digits, you`ll be fine. Opening a case on ebay can at times be a proverbial maze. I am not 100% sure, but i think i heard some rumors about ebay changing their policy so the seller has to pay the return shipping. I don`t know the specifics though. Back then i think the buyer protection was 90 days but these days i think it`s longer..

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