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Revell 1/72nd scale German U-Boat Type 7 C

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Hey Guys, I had to take a break and get away from airplane models for a while and decide I wanted to build this beast of a kit. This kit is very fun and different to build and goes together pretty well. I did not go out and spend big bucks on any aftermarket parts for this kit cause I don't normally build ships and haven't in about 12 years or so. This is going to be my take on the U-Boat 564 Type 7 C version. This particular U-Boat did some missions around Florida and the Gulf of Mexico and sunk many cargo ships in Operation Drumbeat around 1942 and 1943. I did not find to many images on the net for it but have found some other modelers build on this U-Boat and just used them as reference to go by. I could not find the colors I needed at my local hobby shop so I just grabbed the closest thing on the shelf they had which was model masters German Color Shwarzgrun rlm 70 for the bottom hull color and dark ghost grey for the top and coning tower. I then used those same colors lightened a bit to make some fading affects on the hull and tower. Then I used some brown leather color on the deck and then some light grey to weather and fade it a bit. This is where she is at right now and she is far from being finished so hopefully this week I will get going on some washes and more heavier weathering and rust affects. Enjoy guys.










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