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F4U-1 Corsair 1/32 Tamiya "Gus's Gopher"

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Hello to all, with this my last job I tried to put all my efforts on weathering, trying to give a worn look to my Corsair.

The Corsairs of the Marines were really "massacred" by environmental conditions found on the South Pacific islands: hot sun, abrasive sand as crystalline diamond paper, salt made themselves felt on the livery of the great fighters of the Vought.

I have depleted all the techniques in my "possession" (Preshading, Postshading, paint chips with toothbrush and maskol, desaturation varied, use of pigments, oil washes and Panel liner of Ak interactive), many of which used to first time. To you the opinions ... my critical opinion is that, to date, I gave the best I could give and so I am very satisfied.

In short:

F-4U1 "Birdcage" personal aircraft of Lieutenant Wilbur "Gus" Thomas nicknamed Gus's Gopher, you belong to VMF-213 stationed in July '43 air base on Guadalcanal

Tamiya kit

1/32 scale

Aftermarket: Resin Motor Eduard, accessory bay in the Grey Matter resin wheels Barracuda Cast resin.

Color: Tamiya and Gunze.

Here are the photos, Semper Fidelis. :-)











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Hi there,

That's one of the nicest Corsair's I've seen. The level of detail and final weathering is outstanding. Congratulations!! I do have a question; where did you get that wooden stand for your model?


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A real WOW-expression build. Absolute stunner and the show stopper.

To my eye it's done with no flaws. Very nice finish with no orange peel effect, smooth.

The cockpit parts look as crisp as if it is just a scaled down real thing.

Gorgeous model. Very high artistic impression I would say.

The weathering is very skillfully made. No overweathered saying so. Fine and subtle.

It looks to be a hand of a real artist.

Cheers and happy modeling!


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Very nice, I can say I think ol' Gus would go-pher (Awww c'mon ya know somebody was gonna say it :woot.gif: )that, outstanding in all phases. The weathering makes it look like a well worn, well used, battle tested kick arse bent wing beauty.

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