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I won´t talk about F-86 service in IIAF here just my history with the Fujimi F-86F

After finding a video of 1971 IIAF day with F-86F bombing with napalm (https://youtu.be/pOI-JXCVfp8, this is a new with higher quality) I decided to make that Sabre.

The important thing was that the Sabre wore Asia Minor cameo. This was somewhere in 2014 and a new AIRFIX Sabre was invading the shops. I began with the Airfix and after cutting out flaps and slats I find out that the Airfix wings weren´t correct for my F40 so I shift to Fujimi.

The JASDF Sabre is perfect having the longer wing and bigger fuel tanks all in all is an excellent kit I prefer it to Airfix been many many years older (1986).

Anyway, I Began with the Fujimi planing to use the IIAF F-84 decals from Hi-decal but this was not necessary as Diego comes with its excellent F-86 decal, by this time the flaps and slats were ready and I park it on the shelf hopping to find more pics till I see the Aigore Sabre so I blow the dust off the Fujimis Sabre. after weekend pantings I has this aspect











Special thanks to Diego for and its decal that slow lot of my doubts.And to Aigore that with his Sabre encourage me to finish my kit.

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Wow, I always told the F-86F is looking great in the IIAF Asia Minor camo :woot.gif:

Many thanks for your kind comments - I am really glad to hear you like the Sabre sheet!

Your build is looking really great - Simply gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished. :wub:

Just one detail: The IIAF Sabres had their fuel tanks always finished in aluminium color (NMF). Even when later delivered to the IEAF, their flew with aluminium tanks...

Also many thanks for showing the IIAF 1971 maneuvres video - it's really spectacular to see F-86Fs flying together with F-4Es.



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One thing I wonder about....are the insides of the slats really aluminium or are they painted in fuselage color?

I just had another look on the shot of 3-140 showing her after a nose gear up landing at Vahdati, and , indeed, the insides of the slats are definitively in camouflage colors... :doh:

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