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Kinetic 1/48 CF-116D Canadian Aggressor

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Kinetic 1/48 F-5B in Canadian markings making it a CF-116D. I replaced the kit seats with Wolfpack resin seats and replaced the plastic pitot with telescoping rod & tube. Rest of the kit is stock. I was thinking this would bean easy build but it turned out to be much tougher than I expected. Not that it's a bad kit, it's not; good detail, plenty of options, and decent fit. It just turned out to be more complicated than I expected with a 6 piece fuselage plus inserts and 8 pieces to the intakes. Paint is Model Master, metal areas are Alclad. The decal sheet is gorgeous, almost worth the price of the kit by itself, with markings for 6 countries.











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BEAUTIFUL job on that bird. I have always been a fan of the F-5 series, particularly the T-38/F-5Bs and this is a fine looking example I must say, especially in the Lizard style aggressor scheme. I need to pick up that Kinetic kit!

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That is an amazing build and paint job, much better then my recent CF-116s,

If I might suggest?

You need to add the red light on the tail just before the Moose. But wow, you sure can paint!!70.gif

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Very nicely done indeed!!!

If I was able to own 1 military jet as a weekend toy....the 2 seater F-5 in this paint scheme would be my choice....the F-5 is so sporty looking.

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