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1/350 USS Seawolf SSN-575

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Ever since making the Royal Navy covert ops submarine HMS Spartan - I'm really getting into these shadowy subs from the Cold War.

My next conversion is the USS Seawolf SSN-575 - the second nuclear boat based on the USS Nautilus design.

After serving for a few years, she was stretched by 52 feet for 'Special Projects' work - with side thrusters for delicate maneouvering.

I'm using TWO Mikro-Mir Nautilus kits to stretch the hull - using these artists impressions I found on the internet....


Here, I've cut the two starboard hull halves into front and rear sections ready for joining.

I've also moved the anchor recess further forward and drilled the holes for the side thrusters....


It isn't really banana shaped - it isn't glued yet and the camera lens distorts it a bit.

I've also been researching (trawling the internet, saving photos) the USS Parche - a Sturgeon Class boat stretched by 100 ft for naughty work.

Should be easy enough to model using two Mikro-Mir Sturgeons.


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The blunt bow sonar on Seawolf is mounted on a raised bow, on Nautilus it is at the bottom of the bow.

I have cut off the upper, sharp, section of the Seawolf bow - and have cut off the fatter sonar dome from the lower bow of the 'spare' Nautilus kit....


The two parts don't exactly match - but it gives the basic shape.... the lower bow has to be sanded to a thinner, sharper profile.

The white plastic card is the sloping section on the Seawolf bow...


I'll have to fit a triangular section of plastic card to make the flare between the two parts - therebye covering up the thruster holes !


I'll have to cut new holes in the flared section - and use lots of filler.

I'm making it up as I go............. but it's fun!!!!


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Flare section added to bow - and all the free-flood holes filled.....


Close-up of the new bow - more filling and sanding needed yet....


I've also made a start on scratch-building the 'stepped' conning tower.... the core is easily carved and sanded from balsa.....


.... then skinned with thin plastic card.....


More work still needs to be done - but the basic shapes are coming along.


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Love it. More please. I have been thinking of doing this exact conversion (although I think I might have done more scratch to avoid buying a second kit because I am cheap). Love the way you are going about it.



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Beautiful work as always. I wish I could match your work rate at that level of quality. As a submariner, I am highly appreciative of the subjects you choose. Can't wait to see what you do for Parche. Maybe if I stop working on my Akula I and Victor III, I could finish TIRU.



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