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First things first


Why would anybody make a 1/32 kit box end-open?

Fixed - little scotch tape, some modifications, and....top-opening


This kit has the thickest sprues I have ever seen:


I very rarely bother with figures but if I'm going with an in-flight pose, an empty cockpit would look kinda funny. The Revell kit doesn't come with a pilot figure so I grabbed one from the Tamiya Mk IX (hope to start that in about a month).


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Most of the cockpit parts are ready to go


Painted RAF cockpit green (or at least my custom mix of Tamiya paints)

Went with the decal for the IP rather than drybrushing. It will be a closed cockpit with a pilot figure so there will be little to see.

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Real Spit cockpits are pretty cramped, so your build is right on the money! I like your work with the IP, it looks great.

Nice work with the box, too - I do exactly the same with Revell and Italeri boxes. Makes life so much easier.

Those sprue gates are awful!!! WTH were they thinking? Is that size needed for that amount of plastic to go into the mould and form the parts correctly?

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Fuselage is closed and wings are together.

Need to add elevators and flaps and the control surface will be done.


Overall pretty happy with the fit. The rivets and panel lines may be a touch overdone, but for less than $30 it's a pretty nice kit.

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Got the plane together pretty well so it's time to start in on the What-If paint job.

I'm lucky in that every once in a while at my job I can get paid to build models. For a recent work-build I had thought to use some Alclad Prismatic Sapphire to make solar panels for some satellites that I was building.


Spent some time testing it our but was never really happy with the results. Just went with homemade decals in the end. But now I've got a fair amount of Alclad....I've been wanting to go with something a little more colorful and you could do much worse for inspiration than a Shelby Cobra:


So started experimenting with the Alclad over a series of different preparations.

Flat black > Future> Prismatic Blue Alclad

Flat black > Future> Polished Aluminum Alclad > Prismatic Blue

Bare white plastic > Future> Polished Aluminum > Prismatic Blue

Bare white plastic > Future> Prismatic Blue

Bare white plastic > Prismatic Blue

All fails.

Then did a base of Tamiya Flat Blue both with and without Future. Then the Prismatic Blue on top of that. Success !


Surprisingly the section without Future looked better. Added a pure white stripe and I think I'm ready to go.

I'll try and keep a bunch of chrome trim here and there for sparkle as well:


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Ive never sprayed alclad over future. It doesn't eat it up? I've always used a gloss lacquer for the undercoat. When I painted a candy orange Lamborghini I did gloss black - chrome - candy orange. Maybe the future was what was spoiling it?

Interesting concept. Will you be doing the white stripes as like invasion stripes? May look cool.

Get some 1/12 classic f1 decals if you want to add some racing numbers or something to it. The Tyrrel Elf F1 cars were Blue and white. May work out!



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I'll have to try it whenever I run out of my gloss black lacquer. It's the best gloss black I've ever used but now that my lhs closed idk where to get it. Made by model master and usually when I search only the enamel comes up.

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Metal flake prismatic sapphire is looking good.


Really hard to get a good picture though.



I'll try and get better pics with natural light or studio lights....

Till then time to work on the racing stripes.

Not 100% sure on placement and thickness yet.


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Thanks for looking.

Roughed out the stripes in CorelDraw: took a top and side view pic and drew on some polygons.

Still have to figure out what the undersides will look like....


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