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Yom Kippur War diorama "Golan Heights Anti-tank ditch

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I had wanted to do this Diorama for a long time, ever since seeing this photo. A Syrian T-62 tank knocked into the Israeli defensive anti-tank ditch during the Yom Kippur war. This scene is from the famous "Valley of Tears" battle. I used an old Tamiya 1/35th T-62 that I had built ages ago and decided to try my hand at the unique camouflage pattern of this particular tank. As far as I know, no other Syrian tank was painted like this one during that war. At least there were a few good photos showing it's final resting place and the intricate camo pattern. I used foan core insulation for the ground work covered with "Durhams Water Putty". Garden department landscaping stones for the boulders and pastel powders for coloring. The IDF M-38 jeep is from AFV club. The Israeli jeep Figures are mix of Warrior "Iranian and Israeli jeep crews.









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Late to the party here but I just wanted to post what a cool diorama this is. It captures the look of the historical photo quite well. Good use of the extruded foam board to build up the landscape as well :thumbsup: .


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