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AFV Club 1/48 F-5Es

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I've searched the forums with no luck. Is there a thread somewhere that gives what parts are found in what boxings of the AFV Club 1/48 F-5E?

I want to do an early build airplane with the original radome and the original LERXs.


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No they don't only the original boxing had the USAF lex parts.

There is one other kit which had them but can't remember right now.

If you check 1999 in meantime they gave the pics of the components list I think.

You need sprue N.

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As was said above, the black AFV MiG-28 release has sprues for early and late radomes and LEX's. It also has options for earlier or late ejection seats and early or late cockpits instrument panels. I'm using it right now to build a USAF Aggressor from the 1980's and everything needed is there. For USAF, use the instrument panel without the RHAW gear instruments. I recommend an aftermarket seat. I got the Quickboost F-5F which comes with two "late" seats, so I'm good for another F-5E.

Don R

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