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OH BOY! 727HP for $39,995

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Lol yeah this aint the 70s mustang do handle allot better. But ive diven both a 2012 GT and my 2012 GTI and the cornering is not even close, the gti has road glue.

But even with a stage 1 theres no ways in hell it will beat a 727hp mustang!

Oh and btw im 6gears for life. The only way im getting an automatic car is if i get my left foot cut off

I think you might be mistaking steering feel with handling. With a stage one you're looking at a mid 14 second car at best with a stage 2 putting you in the low 14's on an otherwise stock mk6. Otherwise any 2011 and newer V-6 Mustang is still going to beat a modded GTI in a straight line or around the track. The nice thing about the DSG with the mods is you won't have to worry about the clutch, but I also didn't care for paying $350 to service the thing.


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