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Tamiya 1/48th F-14 Sept 2016

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it is true that in the pictures has wings almost always swept but F-14 with open wings and spoilers opened up I dream it at night... it's impressive :whistle:/>

I think that all the moving arrow birds (F-111, F-14, Tornado etc.) are more bad guys with open wings and raised spoilers... but it's just my personal taste :thumbsup:/>



I will agree that a variable geometry wing aircraft all "dirty" looks impressive but does usually require the extra time, painting and space for the modeller. Good show to anyone who is able to finish it. I am quite happy we are going to have a choice of manufacturers very soon. I have a Tamiya on the workbench right now and for me it's always a no stress purchase. I'm am also fortunate enough that the price is not much of a problem. And as for the price, Most of the kit is developed in Japan, not the cheapest country for labour costs.

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If I have to come back into this thread to remove posts, then those posters will enjoy the sin bin for a week and the thread will be closed.

Play nice and be respectful.

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Thread lockdown in 3... 2... 1...

I seriously hope not as many of us have been enjoying it.

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