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Need help with Mitsubishi FTO

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29 05 2016

Hi guys.

I need help and advice please on the Mitsubishi FTO.

A friend of mine has the 1997 model (post-facelift Version R) and I would like to make a model to represent her car. The difficulty is that there is no kit of her car. The closest you come is the Fujimi Mitsubishi FTO and the yellow special edition. However, both of these kits are earlier versions of the model my friend owns

I am looking for help and advice on how to convert the kit we have into the car parked outside her door. My knowledge on cars is limited but I would greatly appreciate any help and support to help source reference material or conversion kits/builds etc.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.


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Would need pics of what you need to do but I'm thinking the main differences are just in body kit. You'll probably have to sculpt a new front lip and possibly rear. Maybe side skirts too? Post up some pics of the car and then the model and we can see. Interior work you'll just have to scratch build if you go that far. But I'd just work on trying to get the body look as close as possible. Also there's tons of aftermarket resin wheels out there so you may be able to find some that are similar.

I've got a 2012 Mitsu Ralliart and I bought the Aoshima Evo X kit that I'll have to modify some to represent my car.

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