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Hi Folks!

Since im getting back into scale modeling; i thought id start with a fairly straight forward project: an airfix 1/72 Chilean F-80C. I have the latter style wing tanks from a t-33 in the spares, and decided to start scratch building a bit of a cockpit, I'm not sure if I will go with a BMF or camo scheme at this point!



The cockpit tub is from an old DML mig-15 and the instrument panel from a italeri corsair, ill probably try and modify both be a bit more accurate



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Small Update;

Managed to get the base coat down for the cockpit, and start working on the instrument panel:



after a bit of a run round across santiago (jugueteria Alemana moved 2 days before I returned to chile!) I managed to get another set of decals, though I imagine I will have to make the unit badge myself on a colour laser printer


Ive never had great success in clipping wings....after ruining an Ouragan wing I decided to try a method of hollowing out the inserts on hasegawa's T-33 tanks and mount them over the wing


THats all for tonight

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Nice going, Raymond!

I'll be watching this unfold as I like South American jets.




A bit off topic: do these Jugueteria Alemana guys produce decal sheets and if so, do they do one for the Chilean F-5s (1/48 primarily)?

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Many thanks!

The sheet looks quite nice and handy for older FACh subjects. I have a couple of AFV F-5s on my to do list and would have welcomed an aftermarket sheet catering for the upgraded Chilean Tigers.

Right, back to the Shooting Star, shall we? :)



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some more progress today, applied decals for the cockpit ( I had to replace the cockpit tub) and got the base coat on the ejection seat. the instrument panel will be slightly drybrushed to bring out the 3d detail behind the dials later. the seat was based on a F-86 seat.




An example of the drybrushing over decal technique:


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