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Begemot asking a little help in Chineese

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During decal design for MiG-15 we are have some troubles with Chineese MiG-15 with hieroglyphs on nose.

On greyscale photo is real aircraft during war in Korea, colour photo - our days aircraft from museum. It is not a big problem that is a little different writing in 1950s and now, but what is mean this writing?

Why at greyscale photo 7 hieroglyphs in lower line, at modern only 6?

I'm not clear see how is writing upper right hieroglyph, maybe someone can shiow how it wright?


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Thank you - one more question left - i'm not clerar see how is writing of uper right hieroglyph - it wouldn't be desirable to be mistaken in writing.

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Yes, thank you, niki4703, exactly this i'm mean. Not nessesary more clear photo, maybe handmade writing how its look like.

Ken, thank you, i'm have hi-rez photo of this aircraft from museum, its more interest about historical aircraft from greyscale photo.

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I have some closeups of both sides of the MiG-15 - taken at Xiaotangshan.

You obviously have good examples of the incorrect script already - but you are welcome to my hi-res photos if you want ?



In case you're interested, the script on the first MiG says 少年先锋号 which means "young pioneer". The word 号 denotes that this is the name of an object.


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