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At one time in my life I was very predictable, just go to the local airport and you'd find me hanging with folks who all were members of AOPA, that is when I wasn't on the TA ramp during off duty hours ( :explode: didn't make enough to buy a camera then). OK nuff of that stuff let's talk about that often used, though not enough at times info cache the "airport bum", "hangar rat", and other such sobriquets or monikers used to describe folks who just can't get enough of airports, airplanes and all things related to aviation. I readily admit I was one for a time, though life has a way of changing the things we do or like to do and the time we're allotted to do them. I can honestly say the time I spent around airports was rewarding and I learned a lot about civil aircraft and what is involved with their operation. These folks witness a lot that never makes is past the flight line, or out of the hangar, and it almost certainly never graces the pages of the local news rag, which in a way is best for all concerned.

There are a few folks here that qualify, Moose135, Ken Middleton, come to mind rather quickly, and Jmel...well that gold mine is on a level all his own; they and others provide info and refs that would otherwise be buried somewhere in the nether regions of want and neglect to see the light of day.

To Hangar Rats, airport bums and others I salute you and THANK YOU for a service provided that is very much appreciated, and to other members of this little known fraternity I say enjoy it while you can the memories to be had will last you a long time and keep you young for many years to come ;) :) .

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