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Hello All,

Here is the third spitfire for this group build.

This time I would like to build a captured spit, from my research around the Net I've settled on a Mk Ia with captured code;


Here are some initial shot. Add seat belts and armor plating.



Thanks for looking.


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To speed up with seam sanding, I filed off the navigation light on top of the spine. It seem to be a good idea at the time, I'm having trouble making a replacement for it because it's sooooo tiny.

Any suggestions? I've tried blog of CA, but difficult to get the right shape. Carving one out of stretched spruce is tough due to its' size. I was about to do it to the second spitfire, but now I'll hold off until I can overcome this.

Here's a pic of what I mean.


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Hello All,

Here's a quick update.

All closed up and upper wings are on. It's the same approach I used with DW K. I got up enough nerve to scratch build the tiny nav. light on top of the spine on both (WZ T) (new) spitfires.

I think it's the way to go for this kit to eliminate the nasty seam between the base of the radio antenna and the nav. light. I'm making an assumption here that when this spitfire was captured and repainted, the inside of the wheel well were not painted in RLM 04. That's why you see the Sky on the inside of the wells.

Here's some pics.


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Nice recovery on the dorsal light. Looks bang on.

Like the idea of the captured Spit - curious how it will turn out. Was the camo redone or just the roundels?

I have a strange unwritten rule that I don't build any "bad guy" planes. Yes, I know, it depends which side you're on, but for me I just would feel uncomfortable putting swastikas or hinamarus on something I built. Soviet stars are a little different since they were good guys until they weren't. So WWII Soviet planes are ok for me to do but haven't done a Cold War plane.

Nevertheless, there are so many great models out there of Luftwaffe planes in my preferred scales that I think captured is my sneaky way of getting around the no "bad guys" rule.


Some pretty cool schemes in that decal set. I grabbed one a while back but haven't built with it yet.

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Thanks on the recovery in the lights. I like this one better than my other build (WZ T). Must practice more with my fine motor skills!

(I have more Spits to do. There might be a 5th for me this summer [ 4 here on ARC and 1 over on Britmodeller {already completed}})

I've seen that Rising Sun decal sheet before. I would like to build the ME109, in British camo. I think the Airfix Modellers club boxing has the marking. (AE 479)... enough of that - must focus on the Spits...

From what I could see, the roundels were painted out and RLM 04 was painted on the entire underside. I'm looking forward to that, a Spit carrying RLM 04.

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