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On 5/9/2019 at 7:46 PM, Quixote74 said:

I think there are some shadows and lens distortion in the photos Markus_H_P posted showing the Buffmaster/Golden Dragon tanks compared to the AMT/Italeri.  I've compared both in person and can confirm the BM/GD parts are a direct copy of AMT's kit plastic, including the spurious circumferential panel lines at various points along the length of the tank.  Both options plus the DB are pictured


Distortion maybe, but it was also aligned on the mat to compensate.

Nevertheless, I rummaged through the boxes again and compared the tanks more closely, the BUFF Master tank is not a direct copy of the AMT tank (blue outline and below) nor of Golden Dragon's.



AMT's tank:

diameter 12 mm, lenght of tank is 93 mm with a mid section that appears cylindrical for approx 40 mm (on your picture 2" line to 3.5" line)


BMR 72005 tank:

diameter 11.2 mm - length is 87.5 mm

Also, BMR's tank has different panel lines, a different silhouette of the tip and of the pylon (steeper leading edge), which is also thicker, it measures 5 mm whereas AMT's is only 4 mm.


I hope we will really find a conclusion on which tank is best or at least on how it really looks. Taking measurements on the real thing would be indeed very beneficial.

The B-52G at Hill AFB museum is very accessible and the staff there seemed very helpful. Unfortunately on my last stop there I just had half an hour before I had to continue my trip to the airport.

But I surely hope I will get another chance on one of my next business trips to the states.

BMR to my knowledge is from Salt Lake City, so hopefully he already checked his dimensions on the real thing so close by.



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I just looked at the BUFF Master set and it doesnt have any tanks.
But I know Ive got at least 2 sets of replacement tanks somewhere in the box of bits.


Not sure where they come from though... Airwaves maybe.
Im packing up for another house move, so its unlikely they will see the light of day for some time to come and Ive no time to look, but Im sure its nothing somebody else cant post 

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@Markus_H_P - Thanks for the clarification on the Buff Master tanks.  In my earlier post I referenced Golden Dragon and Buff Master Designs interchangeably because I understood the products were identical (my recollection was that BMD was a successor company to Golden Dragon).


Now that we've confirmed the two differ it's that much more important to get measurements of the real thing to verify which is most accurate.

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More news - I spotted this on FB on Buff Master Design page - https://www.kitlinx.com/cgi/display.cgi?item_num=BMDR72032&title=B-52-Heavy-Stores-Adapter-Beam-(HSAB)-(For-Model-Collect-Kit)&fbclid=IwAR3Kg3s0pZ-kiajQ-OVGZCtkGyuohLSlViqGpTRj8imJkvaL5M4IJQhDcbY

I asked there if they could add the AGM-28 pylons/I-BEAM adapters for either Modelcollect or AMT/Italeri and they said they are working on it.

Also, I spotted there engine faces for both G and H version ...

Fingers crossed then ....


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On 6/22/2019 at 8:30 PM, modelcollect said:

we are update the tracking number in next 1-2 days, if you didnt get update, please direct contact us.

Still nothing. I just sent in a message on your contact page with all my info.



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 My tracking number was on the website today if you go to model collect go to orders and click on details it should have the fact that it sent and your tracking number there. After that copy it then paste it and then go to your UPS USPS site and then down below they’ve got a deal for China packages and it’ll be there and It’ll tell you where it is.  Mine were headed to the Beijing airport and I soon on a plane headed to the US from there 

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