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Sea Jaguar in the navy

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hi, leptiprince66 , interesting subject, a first time i see this being built.

did the britts really have even give a try to any kind of "navalized" Jaguars???

i remember that the french did some carrier tests and trials with their own version, and it look neat also.

thanks for sharing some photos of your built. (would have take a few more...smile.gif)

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Why is the hook down?

That's not the tailhook, it's the holdback bar. It's a bar that they attach to a lug on the fuselage, and the other end is fastened to the deck. It's designed to break or release only at a certain level of pressure, so the pilot can go full burner, but the plane will not move until the cat fires. Then, the holdback bar link breaks and the plane gets launched. Without one of these, many carrier planes would have a hard time taking off. For example, if you tried to lock the brakes and go full burner in a Phantom, you could roll the tires right off the wheels and the plane would move forward anyways. That bar is designed to release when they want it to, and not a moment sooner.

If you watch this video, you can see just when the cat fires, the holdback bar is visible at the bottom, and you can see it separate from the jet:

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