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Snowbirds "RCAF" & "ARC" Font

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What font is used on the underside of the Canadian Snowbirds aircraft for "RCAF" and "ARC"?

I have the Belcher Bits sheet but want to build an updated CT-114 since going back to "Royal Canadian Air Force", I plan on printing out the letters myself and just need that font they use.

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It's not a standard font. The typeset was created by the RCAF specifically for the purpose.

OK, thanks :(

Still, any idea what they call it? It looks to be the same as the "CAF" on standard Canadian Air Force aircraft. "Maketar" does a mask set for numbers but not letters, they just do a "CAF" and "CANADA" in that font...so either way, I'd need and "R".

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Just FYI, that font doesn't match the drawings. It's way too narrow.

Welp...I guess it's time for someone to do a decal sheet on current RCAF letters and numbers :)/>

I think if I "bold" face them they look closer to the proper width.

Top, regular text, bottom is bold text:


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OK, when I got home from work, I compred the samples I'd printed out, to the Belcher Bits Snowbirds decal sheet.

Looks like the Royal Canadian Air Force, Style 2 [RCAF_60SQO_ATH] font from the link works out pretty much spot on. Shown in the photo is 28 pitch from Word, non bold , so I think the width of them in comparison to Belcher's font is good to go.


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