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How is this possible?

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Gents (and ladies),

After 2.5 years of looking and researching, I have come to believe that there is no video footage of the very last F-14 catshot. I'm very serious. I've contacted countless people in the F-14 community, as well as those on the TR when the last shot happened. Nothing.

I realize many people consider the launch of AJ 201 seen here:

to be considered the "last launch". However, that was the last launch returning from a combat cruise. The actual LAST catshot was done during a "work-up" by AJ 112 from VF-31 seen here with all 7 Shooters taking part : http://www.anft.net/f-14/f14-lastcatshot.htm

All that said, how can footage of the actual last catshot not exist????

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It's featured on History Channel Modern Marvels "Farewell to The Tomcat" episode ..watch the first 10:30 and you will see it ...if you want to just see the cat shot skip go to apx. the 9 minute mark where they talk to the pilot just before he heads to the aircraft...

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But...but...but....Naval Aviators don't have to land with a cross-wind. Sorry Waco, I had to do it. :D/>

Sure they do. Landing on an angled deck means they are ALWAYS landing with a slight crosswind element. :P ;)

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Apart from the Modern Marvels docu there was also a nice video of 164341s last launch as AJ-112 filmed from the island. It was the whole thing, from taxying to eventually disappearing at the horizon. It was posted on the Navy.mile site albeit only for a brief time. I got it somewhere in my F-14 archive. Need to look it up.

There are decals for that machine in 1/48 and 1/32. And I think it was also on a 1/72 sheet together with other markings. Just can't recall the manufacturer. I don't wanna lie but I think it was yellowhammer?!

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It's featured on History Channel Modern Marvels "Farewell to The Tomcat"

Cool! I also look forward to watching the other shows in that series - "Farewell to the Intruder", "Farewell to the Viking", "Farewell to the Skyhawk", etc.

Any idea when they will be airing?

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