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Cold War Interceptor

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The F-94C version of the Starfire was designed to do one thing, intercept and shoot down Soviet Tu-4 bombers (copies of the American B-29). The aircraft's entire armament consisted of rockets. The Starfire was an interim design until more advanced aircraft could be deployed. Nevertheless, the aircraft proved itself during the 1953 Red Sun exercise when the F-94C intercepted and "shot down" several B-36 Peacemaker bombers. The Starfire's short time in service ended when the type was phased out in 1959. There are quite a few surviving Starfires on display in museums around the United States.

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My gawsh ... this IS superb!

But we need more info ... is this a Photoshop piece? Acrylic? Oil?

Plus, I would love, if it's a traditional painting, to see WIP pix ... the pencil layout, the underpainting ( if you use that technique ) and just the progress of it. And what size is it?

Man, you've done a very, very professional job on this! Thanx for sharing!


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