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Looking for an easy colour scheme for my ME262

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You're missing out. An airbrush is definitely more work but it's a great feeling of satisfaction when you nail a WW2 German scheme (one of the hardest to replicate in my opinion). Plus, I'm really horrible at hand-painting anything besides detail parts and cockpits. Can never get the brush strokes to go away.

To each his own. Best of luck on this project!

Thanks. I have done airbrushed aircraft in the past but where possible I avoid them and as long as I like the scheme I opt for something that's much easier. I always use a spray undercoat and spray lacquer (Halfords fairly new Matt lacquer is really easy to use and gives a pretty good semi matt finish). I find the brush strokes usually disappear under all this.

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why not just use a few spray cans and mask as you go. Still a better finish than hand brush I believe.

I have done that yes. I always use a can of Halfords spray for finishes like all silver or maybe 2 or 3 colours. Plus I've used Tamiya sprays for an occasional camouflage scheme etc.

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I love the first link parabat gave, black 1 looks like a tiger shark

Me too and that's possibly my favourite so far. I can't find many photo's of that actual aircraft though. I can find more of the similar but tail mottled Sinner scheme that's in the instructions.

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