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1/32 Revell Spitfire MK II

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Well here i am again

this time im building a OOB Revell 1/32 MKII its the new tool spitfire.

ive decided to build this one parallel to my 1/48 Tamiya one.this is my first time building to kit on the same plane at once, kinda hady i always have the right colors on hand!

this is a really nice little kit an so far i have not run into any major issues. I did have a short shot on the wing but i fixed it wit some styrene.


To me the cockpit could use some PE to improve the seat and some detail but nothing major. The instrument decals where a complete dash. i tried cutting them individually but that didnt pan out. AirScale dial would have been perfect for this.


the seat cussion is my blue tack trick again. i didnth come out has nice has the one for the Tam kit.


the from seam needed some Tam surface primer to get the seam perfect.


More soon



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Hi Guys

sorry for not updating this but ive been taking the little time i have to model !

I should make it to the deadline

Got some paint on, i did a preshade with tamiya panel line accent. love howeasy it was to preshade that way!



And here she is with some clear gloss and decals, now i had some major silvering issues with the YT letters and i learned 2 things

1- you can cut away carrier fiml once decals are set then apply micro sol and remove the unwanted part

2- If you have silvering and cant cut away apply microsol , take a sharp blade and stab the decal! the result will be microl sol get under the film and get rid of silvering and since micro sol softens the decal by the time it dries all the stab marks are gone!!! This technique was applied to the BU number has they silvered up like :deadhorse1:


hopefully flat coat tomorow and unmasking the clears!

wish me luck

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