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With another part started kit I will attempt to finish this B707 as an E-8C





I have the Flightpath conversion set



and the Wolkpak decals for 93-0597 which was originally delivered to QANTAS as a B707-338 VH-EBU.

The aircraft suffered major damage during mid air refueling when a tank in the wing over pressurised and ruptured (due to a test plug being left in the fuel vent system after maintenance) in 2009. IN 2012 the aircraft was reported to have broken up and parted out in Al Udeid, Qatar.


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Thanks for that Steve, This was a stalled build in another scheme, I am yet to start rework on this and when I do new paint will be applied.

I have quite a few reference pictures so I will be sure to check them when I go to paint it.

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Started on the E-8C today. Mostly scribing and drilling out cabin windows and doors.


I started with the engines, some disassembly so I could fill the huge holes where the turbo compressor are attached on 3 of the engines.



The Flightpath conversion comes with a number of scribing templates.





I had to carve out some of the fuselage for a missing cabin door



Also had to fill some poorly rescribed panel lines and fill some for the new rear cabin doors at the trailing edge of the wing root.



Finally I glued the missing etch door to the fuselage.


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Thanks guys,


Been tidying up some seams on the engines and noticed some different features on the actual aircraft. One big one is the Turbo compressor(TC) inlet are blanked over on the actual aircraft.


The other is that the number one nacelle also has the TC hump that most other B707s ( and the kit don't have).


A couple of other bits and pieces I have noticed are the Dual APU exhausts at the trailing edge of the wing and that all E-8s have a Cargo door on the forward fuselage.


So some scratch building and scribing on the way...

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I have scribed the cargo door in



TC Pylon mods....

So out with the card stock, putty files and sand paper.



Top pylon is unmodified, center TC hood modified and bottom pylon has scratch built ( still in progress) TC hood installed

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While the forums have been down i have made a little progress...


Added the etch antenna and some white metal GPS antennas. You need to 'laminate' two pieces from most of the etch ones, A pain trying to get the two sides aligned before the CA grabs. I thin out of nine done so far I might have got 2 with the sides aligned properly.




I was about the use one of the conversion set intakes when I noticed it was a tad big. So I made a new one of better size, the supplied white metal one above what I made.



And after a little putty and shaping



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The rear intake was again scratch built from some tube and putty




And the some etch fitted to the wheels and gear legs






Gear legs installed so the lower fuselage antennas can be fitted



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