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Ray, my brother, just beautiful work there!   I am truly envious of your skills, your time to devote to your kits, and your stash!  The PE definitely lends itself to the kit, the extra detail is exquisite.  Keep up the grand work.  We are all watching, (me with envy!) R/ Dutch    

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Hmmm, 8 months on the side table of doom, not bad!


As in my usual manner, I see someone building the same type as me (different scale in this case) on the forum I decided to drag mine off the side table of doom (no room on the shelves at the moment) and see where it is at.

As I recalled I had to confirm some nose antenna placements and stopped there.


Out came the kit and the PE and I decided to finish installed the antennas. I pretty much sorted out the positions of the antennas and fitted them. Then I realised why I had stopped, the PE antennas in the conversion set are too big, they almost look 1/48 rather than 1/72. I could live with it along the fuselage but they looked far too out of place below the radome. 



So there placement under the nose was short lived and I replaced them with smaller plastic replacements. They need some cleanup and final shaping after the glue sets.



This meant I could use the oversized ones elsewhere. The conversion set is lacking a few extra antennas that have been fitted since it was released.



I also added some more plastic replacement on the lower rear fuselage since I found it easier to make replacements out of strip and fit them.



I also carved ou the lower surround of the front port door and added a PE part, hinges and door handle have to be installed as well to this and rear port door in due course.



Looks like the area needs a tidy up as well.

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