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Hasegawa 1/72 F-35A

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I finally sat down to photograph a lot of my latest builds. It's taking a bit of time to sort through them and upload them, but I'm going to start sharing them from the bottom (least satisfied) up. So starting with the bottom 2 today...

This is Hasegawa's 1/72 F-35A. The kit assembles well, but what I am sure of now is that I'm struggling to replicate the partially metalic coloring. This color that I mixed up ended up too dark compared to prototypes, but I didn't fully realize this before removing the masking for all the panel lines (some are decals)...and I wasn't ready to redo that on this kit.




As always, comments, criticism, and constructive comments are welcome.

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This is my favorite plane and no matter the scale i will always love it. :) Very nice contrasts although i prefer it with "more blended contrasts". Congrats for the sharpness of the "panel lines", which for 1/72 with masking should be a real challenge. Or maybe you used decals for masking?

While for the metal color - according to my opinion - there is just one way. Metal shine and grey color are two different things, so it`s impossible to mix different colors to achieve both results, so the right way is to spray one metallic layer for shine and then play with transparent layers of paint until you get the desired color with the desired shine underneath. That`s how i improvised with my F-35B in 1/48 and the result turned pretty satisfying. Here are a couple of photos: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=82359&view=findpost&p=2800397 and in the last photo where are both the A and B versions, you can see the shine that i`m talking about on the nose of the B version, and it appears only at certain angle... :woot.gif: :woot.gif:

I come across several F-35A in 1/72 and yours is the best one!

Edited by my favs are F`s
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Nice clean job on this F-35A.

When I did mine, I used Alclad II Aluminum, thinned to about 5% paint, 95% thinner. Used a very slight flash coat overall. One coat at a time is the key; you can always add more later.

As you can see from these to pics, the metallic sheen only is visible at the right angle of light.



Good luck with yours,


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