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Hello ARC! Here is my latest... Revell's 1/72 Tornado, with a bunch of goodies to make it a GR.4. I'm no Tornado expert by any means, but I tried to equip it with the latest mods, equipment, and weapons (as best as I could tell from the internet anyway) to model a current front line machine. Here's the breakdown:

- Flightpath Tornado set (corrected nose, underwing pods, photo etched details)

- Freightdog GR.4 conversion set, Litening III pod, and Brimstone missiles

- Aires wheel wells

- Pavla ejection seats

- Hasegawa LGB (modified to look like Paveway IVs)

- Modern Hobbies ASRAMMs

- Master pitot boom & AOA probes

- Gunze Aqueous paints

- Combat decals

- Lots of scratch built goodies in the cockpit

Hope you like my model!









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Gorgeous!! I have that very model on my bench right now. No way it ends up as pretty as your stellar build, but seeing yours is sure encouraging. Thanks so much for sharing.


Lutz, FL

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Thanks Harry, I'm glad I could offer some encouragement. I'm sure your Tornado will turn out great!

Dragan, Teeradej & cpoud117, thank you for the compliments. I'm glad you like my model!

Cpoud117, I will try to take some better photos (but I'm not the greatest photographer)...

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