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F-16 Blk 30 Dannelly Field/ open house

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Dannelly Field recently had an open house this Thursday. They had six aircraft on display and I was presented with an opportunity to photograph about four of them.

Please bear in mind that these pics were taken with my phone, so they aren't really the best, but they might be useful to some. These jets look pretty tired and worn out, being almost thirty years old. AS I'm using windows 10, I really don't know how well the pics will turn out.








More to come.......

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I wish they had a Dothan jet or now that I am in Alabaster, an Alabaster jet. But, whatever. I wanted to make it down to that event, but, other things prevailed. Like work.

Thanks for the pics though, they are great!

Ryan, if you are located near Montgomery (or better yet north of there), let me know. I fly out of Shelby County. I am always looking for places to fly to, and meet for lunch. That sort of thing.

I flew down to MGM once and had a hell of a hoot when the Tower controller asked for me to move to the side. Then two Vipers came up past my right wing and then kept a sharp climbing right turn. Was awesome to see.

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Excellent. Me and one of my partners in the airplane have talked a bit about making Wetumpka a stop. My Mother-in-law lives near the airport in Millbrook and we had planned on meeting there.

Maybe someday this summertime weather will chill out and we won't have constant storms lol.

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