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Tamiya 1/48 F-16C to F-16A conversion set

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Hi all!

Does any aftermarket company offered this conversion set yet? I mean the the upper aft fuselage,cockpit & vertical tail.



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Unfortunately pre-MLU F-16A cockpit is still MIA... :(

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The KASL sets appear to go a long way toward an F-16A Block 10 conversion that I have been planning for a long time. Thanks for posting this. Can someone who has used it comment on how it well it goes together?

In addition to the need for a early instrument panel and HUD I have been trying to find replacement parts / conversions for three other features of early F-16A:

1. an early gun blast panel to replace Tamiya part A25.

2. an early style ECS vent to replace Tamiya part F22

3. early style station 3/7 pylons

Together with the KASL conversion, once I figure out how to deal with these three details most of the other changes to model an F-16A are pretty easy: move or replace some small parts. Trim this, fill that. Find decals.

Has anyone found answers to these needs? Thanks.

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