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MPC's Gold Rush - finally done!

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You know that old saying that “Nothing worthwhile comes easily”? Well, I guess it’s true, because I consider MPC kits to be a fun and worthwhile use of time, but man, the sure can be a pain in the posterior. The particular kit I’m referring to in this case is the Gold Rush Show Van!

Yes, I finally got it done, but it didn’t come easy. That having been said, it certainly looks like the wild vannin’ creations I remember seeing around in my younger days, and having one on display is pretty darn exciting, especially if you love vans or MPC’s crazy over-the-top customs!

Check out this fat-wheeled shingle-and-Naugahyde-sporting monster at the link below. Let me know what you think and if anyone else has built this thing, let me know how yours went together!



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