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Wolfpak August 2016 Release

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Here is the August 2016 release from Wolfpak Decals. Other real-world commitments will keep me from attending the convention this year. Enjoy yourselves. Here’s the sheets:

Sheet 72-094 Shaken and Stirred.

First subject on the sheet is an OA-37B of the Air Guard unit at Willow Grove NAS. It is followed by the CAG jet of VAQ-209 Star Warriors . The next aircraft is the commander’s jet of the 525th FS, an F-22 unit. From the Marines, a MV-22B with a double-oh seven modex with appropriate artwork. An AH-1W of HML-269 follows. For the modelers who like test aircraft the YA-7F with markings for both contractor owner test operations. Last but not least a MQ-9B from the California Air Guard.

Sheet 72-095 Jokers Wild.

For the fans of sharkmouths a F-15C from Oregon with one on it along with the option of a F-15D from the same unit. Interestingly they have the same last 3 digits in the serial numbers. I guess mottled would best describe the pattern on the next aircraft. It’s an EA-6B of VAQ-142 with a grey camouflage pattern. The next jet is an EA-18G with both Navy and AF squadron markings. The Navy being VAQ-129 and the AF, the 390th ECS. The first of the two B-52H’s on the sheet has in my opinion one of the best gallows humor noseart around with the skull superimposed in a mushroom cloud. I seem to think that’s from artwork of an album cover from the 70’s but haven’t found it yet. None the less it’s a boss bird from the 69th BS. Probably may favorite none-cheesecake noseart of the modern era is the one titled; “The Last Laugh.” Here are two slightly different versions carried on a B-1B and B-52H.

Sheets will be on sale on Wednesday August 3, 2016 Happy Modeling.

Mark S.

Wolfpak Decals



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Good timing on the B-52H decals, with the recent announcement of the new 1/72 scale Modelcollect BUFF. Coincidence?


Not to mention the forthcoming Barracuda resin correction sets for the Bone.



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