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F-102 460th FIS

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Hello All,

I was able to clear a couple of kits off my work desk over the last couple of days, this is one of them. It is the 1:48 Monogram F-102. I like building the old Monogram kits because they go together nicely and are not to fiddly. It would be nice if they had engraved panel lines but it doesn't bother me enough to try and scribe them myself. I used some SuperScale decals for an aircraft from the 460th FIS. I bought these decals several years ago when I was getting back into aircraft modeling. At that time I was buying anything that I could find that was Tiger Meet related. If you remember back to the early 2000's when these decals came out the pictures on the internet when ordering stuff were pretty small. All I could make out was that this plane had a Tiger on the tail so I ordered a set. I later found out it had nothing to do with Tiger Meet but I still like the markings. These markings were 14 years old but they worked perfectly. I forgot to clean the wash off the raised lettering on the base before I took the pictures, they are yellow now.





Now that I have a clean desk I can start something for one of the Group Builds that are going on.


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Nice looking Delta Dagger! My father was in Germany during Nam' as an armorer. I've got one of these I've been meaning to build for him. I'd better get cracking! Love the display!


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I like the tail markings. Nice work on the build and the in flight display is really tastefully done. I too love the old Monogram kits. Well priced, nice detail OOB, fit fairly well. The raised panel lines can be a PITA to work with at times though.

Great stuff :thumbsup: !


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Thanks everybody,


If I had built the kit with the gear down I would say that the kit would have went together with no problems. Trying to close up the gear was a serious pain. I do not think that Monogram ever intended this kit to be built wheels up. The fit of the doors was terrible. As far as the bottom of this kit goes, I just don't talk about it and I definitely don't look at it.


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Yessir, You did a great job on your F-102. I think that the yellow "F-102" looks great. The yellow sets off the markings of the model. Like you, I like in-flights and the old Monogram classics. I just wish that they'd come out with a 1/48 scale F-16C that was decent. Those old Monogram models make nice in-flights. Again, great job!

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