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On 4/3/2017 at 3:54 PM, Floyd S. Werner, Jr. said:


They have a different rivet pattern on the nose.  The early style pitot tubes.  Glideslope antenna on the nose.  Vertical engine inlets.  Hoist.  Antenna on the tailboom.  Different seats and arrangement in the back.  Some kind of bulge under the rear fuselage.  Different antennas.  Different instrument panel.  And some other things I'm sure I've forgot.



Well this old Bavarian Sauerkraut is mighty fond of the Dornier license built Hueys with all their peculiarities.






Also I'll take a new Huey in any scale and be happy that Kitty Hawk is working very hard with input from members here to get it right.



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Coming soon to a hobby shop near you, hopefully late May/June, BEFORE the Little Birds.  Marketing and interest dictated the order.  Ray and I did not get to check the final CAD but we were pretty happy with what we had at the time.  We are not responsible for the instrument panel.  LOL  Of course we had some nitpicks.  Let's hope they listened to our final tweaks.  If they did this will be a perfect Vietnam era UH-1D/H.  If not, it will still be the best Huey on the market and only people like me and Ray will notice.  Certainly gobs better than what is out there.  None of the final things we found were dramatic, very nitpicky.  Let's hope they listened to us about the parts breakdown.   


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On 4/6/2017 at 0:08 PM, CharlieUH-1H said:

good to know...

my birthday is in june.. so my wife know what to do now


Given that KH has continuously changed their minds, I wouldn't hold your breath.  The way this is going, they will shortly announce that due to "marketing and interest" they have now decided to release the Huey in 1/144th scale, soon to be out in 2019. 


Nice to see that the Littlebird, which was originally supposed to be released last year, is now pushed back even further.  It bears noting that KH has had other subjects posted on their website for years with nothing more than a rough CAD and maybe a pic of the box art and a promise from mgmt that it's "coming soon".  Seems that the LB is now in this category. 


In the software world, I think this kit would be classified as "vaporware". 

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