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Here's something I'll bet you don't see every day, Vermont ANG's first jet warplane. Third completion in my current Vermont ANG project (previously finished are the F-102 and F-4D).

Used the Sword F-94B kit; was wonderful until the painting. Horrible combining decorative paint trim with NMF; just didn't come out as neat and clean as I wanted, not by a long shot. I've GOT to start sticking to subjects with existing decals. :bandhead2:

Very few references are readily available; the best came from a Vermont ANG 30th Anniversary booklet I found on eBay (b&w photo below came from that).

Still desperately seeking the Vermont ANG F-16C markings from the Wolfpak sheet (72-041) :woot.gif:










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Oh, it wasn't easy at all. Wish I'd have a second chance at the wing tanks.

Basically after priming the order of spraying/airbrushing went:

1) Olive drab on the antiglare shield and tank inner surfaces

2) Brown radome

3) Gloss black around the radome with the area for the yellow masked tight

4) Yellow nose area, tail tip and wing tanks, masked to shape

5) Gloss black on all the rest, then let it sit a few days to cure

6) Extra-carefully masked all around for Alclad polished aluminum, regular aluminum and airframe aluminum. Meaning the black trim between the yellow and aluminum was actually sprayed before the metal.

After all that I discovered the shape of the yellow/black trim on the tanks was all wrong, so I tried to redo it with only partial success. :bandhead2:

EDIT: Remembered I did take three photos of the painting progress, all before the Alclad:




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